About Us

Midland Typesetters has been at the forefront of typographical services for over 30 years, becoming a major supplier to the publishing industry. The company combines experience with the most up-to-date technology available and takes great pride in the reputation it has earned for outstanding quality and efficient service. All kinds of manuscripts – whether they be complex educational, legal or professional publications, mass market novels or self-published literary works – receive industry benchmark standard treatment as they are prepared for publication.

Along with its commitment to cutting-edge technology, Midland Typesetters also emphasises the age-old virtues of reliability and customer service. Material for typesetting can be received in a variety of forms, and established operating systems mean that you can be in touch with the progress of a manuscript at all times. Such close co-operation between typesetter and author/publisher ensures the best possible outcome.

Continuing emphasis on efficiency, and constant comparison with Australian and International competitors, enable the company to remain market leaders in the typesetting industry.

Midland Typesetters have extensive experience in all book production areas. We work closely with publishers, writers, editors and managers to produce print-ready manuscripts of the highest marketable and creative standards.