Do you handle all types of manuscripts?

Midland Typesetters pride themselves on offering a comprehensive typesetting service. We handle all manuscript types, from technical manuals to family histories.

Does my manuscript have to be submitted in a particular format?

When you leave your manuscript with Midland Typesetters, you leave the hard work and technicalities to us, we can edit and typeset manuscripts from hard copy, disks or email. Through the use of Optical Character Recognition software, we can convert typed text in to an editable form.

Can you recommend printers?

Midland Typesetters has extensive contacts within the industry and can recommend particular printers, both nationally and internationally, that can best handle your manuscript genre.

Can I have a say in the editing process?

Midland Typesetters employ only top-class editors, offering the best service possible to our clients. We can provide light line editing to full editing services, but the bottom line stops with you. It’s your manuscript, so you decide how much of our editing and advice you take on. Midland Typesetters edits with both you and your audience in mind.

What type of software do you work with?

Midland Typesetters constantly update editing and typesetting software, ensuring compatibility with both publishers, editors and designers requirements. Currently we utilise and maintain the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs.

How are services priced?

Midland Typesetters’ pricing structure is more than competitive with other commercial typesetters, and we perform constant price comparisons within the industry to ensure this remains the case.

All costs are subject to 10% GST on sales within Australia.

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