What we do

Our Typesetting services include:

  • publication design
  • full pagination facilities
  • full scanning facilities
  • 4-colour, greyscale and line-art
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • film or digital artwork supplied to Australian and overseas printers
  • SGML/XML input/output (conditions apply)
  • creation of detailed figures to customer requirements


Midland Typesetters offer a comprehensive typesetting service from hard or electronic copy. Utilising industry compatible software, we can turn your raw manuscript into a perfect typeset piece ready for publication. Our staff are industry specialists, known for their meticulous and creative skills.

We work closely with our clients to create a product which meets the client’s needs and the intended purpose.

Whether you have a technical document, family history, booklet or novel, Midland Typesetters can provide the service you need to prepare your manuscript for publication.

Optical Character Recognition

Midland Typesetters offers the most comprehensive service possible and therefore utilises specialist Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to assist in the creation of a modern digital product. We can take any page of typed or previously printed text and convert it to an editable on-screen document, allowing us to provide the most efficient service and saving you both money and the hassle of delivering your manuscript electronically.

International Services

If you’re an international client looking for a world-class typographical service, look no further than Midland Typesetters. Internationally competitive, with networks to major world-wide publishers, Midland Typesetters provides international clients with the same quality and reliable service to which Australian clients have become accustomed. Technological advances have bought us all closer together, and it’s no different in the typesetting industry. Email and FTP internet services mean our international clients are just as close as our neighbours.